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At YR Studio, we provide our clients with world-class talent. The scope of our expertise includes the creation of commissioned residential pieces, and elevation of boutique and luxury hotels and restaurants through art and design. With years of experience and a culturally rich background, we create your art with the utmost care and attention to detail.


Our founder, Yael Rajstein, is an accomplished artist and architect whose artistic abilities emerged at a young age. She received her art education at the Israel Art Institute in Jerusalem, and furthered it at Brandeis University. In 2009, Yael launched her art studio alongside her architecture career. Since then, her art has been displayed and sold globally across the United States and the Middle East.


Inspired by her world travels and love for nature, Yael depicts change and development in her paintings. She bonds with her audience through her own life experiences. Her paintings evoke memories of growth, adaptation and nostalgia - the components that bring balance in our lives. In many of her paintings, one can find mixed media such as salt crystals, pumice, clay and metals, that interact with the paints to create a distinct sense of movement.

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